CA Lanus – Gremio RS FREE BETTING TIPS (29.11.2017)

Here’s the decisive match in the Copa Libertadores final! The Grémio moves to Argentina, to face the Lanús in the Stadium City of Lanús. This will be the decisive second hand after the 1-0 victory of the Brazilians in Game 1, which was dominated by Grémio, who obtained 10 chances of an eminent goal, against only two of his opponent. The game in the Arena of the Grémio was still marked by clashes that in no way pay the good name of Football.

The Brazilians proved this season that they have a very technical and fast midfield, as well as advanced capable of making the difference, since it was one of the best attacks of the Brasileirao. Defensively they are also very concentrated and compact, preventing their opponents from creating chances, something that happened last week once again. Lanús should play cautiously, trying to take advantage of a defensive slip of the Brazilians to score, allowing the Grémio to have a lot of possession, as has been the usual game by game.

The tricolor has only 3 goals conceded in their last 6 hits, which shows their solidity. Lanús, coming in a series of 8 duels always conceding goals, having scored a total of 15 goals in those matches, which shows their defensive inconsistency. We believe in a cautious Lanus in his stronghold, and a venomous and dumb Guild in quick attacks and well thought-out transitions.

Defensively, the Guild is much more organized than the Lanús.
In the 8 most recent matches Lanús has averaged around 2 goals conceded.
The Grémio has a lot of talent, speed and offensive experience.
The small number of goals conceded by the Brazilians in their last duels.

We anticipate a very hot challenge, with Lanús not risking unbridled climbs, and acting waiting for a mistake from the Brazilians. On the other side will be a Grémio who has a very good season, who has talent in all sectors and who seeks to finish with the icing on the cake, what before a fragile defense can perfectly succeed. Bet the Grémio does not lose in Argentina!

Over 2,5 goals @ 2.00