Cabinteely – Limerick (FREE TIPS) 24.06.2016

Cabinteely – Limerick it’s our free tips for today 24.06.2016 from IRELAND: Division 1started at 9.45 PM

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Game corresponding to the day 14 of the Division Irish 1 where they play the Cabinteely and the Limerick

For the side of the places;

The Cabinteely occupies 8 ª, and last, position of the league with only 6 points in his pigeonhole (1V 3E 9D 7GF 27GC).

They come to this meeting with 2 ties and 3 defeats in his last 5 meetings. They do not gain from the 1 ª day of the league and in the last ones 48 that have played, only they have gained(earned) 4!!

In spite of these so horrible numbers, they are 2 º worse team as lessee where they have obtained up to the date 1 victory, 2 ties and 3 defeats. Marking 3 goals and fitting 9.

For the side of the visitors;

It is possible to say the Limerick since it is an team of 1 ª Division and it that 30 points are absent for be playing. They occupy the 1 ª square with 37 of 39 possible points. Only they have yielded 1 tie (in the last played day vs 2 º) and they surpass in 14 points his maximum persecutors, the Drogheda. They take 52 goals to favor and 13 in against.

Better visitor of the league with plenary session in displacements. 6 meetings, 6 victories and 22 goals to favor and 6 in against.

The Limerick there is construído an team to return to recover his square in the Irish elite wherefrom it fell last year and they are obtaining it based on records.

In the game that they played in house of the Limerick, the places won in a very easy way for 3-0.

I trust in a beating of the Limerick before a rival who does not come to him not to the sole of the shoes though it worries me that they take the game as a mere step, which it is, and the trainer decides to do rotations.

Limerick to win Handicat Asian -3 odds 1.875

Good luck.