Ecuador – Peru (FREE TIPS) 09.06.2016

Ecuador – Peru it’s our free tips for today 09.06.2016 from South America Copa America started at 03.00.

Peru before Haiti showed great insecurity not what was waited, and was obvious thing was absent of international fret in some of his players en Ecuadorian team.

In defense Peru proved to be surer for RodrigueZ’s side but nonetheless the Haitians up to in the last minute had to tie and in the free shots, and it is that good height is not had either and overhead always it has been suffered

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Above it has damage like, but in el.cuerpo to body physically speaking the Ecuadorians overcome us in biotipo

Except that Peru changes the showed before Haiti play a very intelligent game and to the counterblow bearing the 90 it might add up I believe I if they play him of equally to equally believe that la.cosa is going to be unbalanced.
Bet Ecuador win ! odds. 1.90 !